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Business Analyst

Your understanding of business and technology processes, passion for automation, understanding user behavior and workflows are essential to our team. Clean and detail oriented approach is a must. Great communication skills for client interaction is a huge plus.

Quality Assurance Engineer

You have a keen ‘eye’ for detail and an intuitive feel for usability, or you are that hard core QA Engineer type. Either way, there are QA Specialists who care about the overall quality of the product and we are looking for those experts. Knowledge in automated testing is a plus. Come to our lab to ‘test’ us!

Front End Engineer

We are looking for front-end engineers that embody a unique, creative approach to life and business, as well as have something personal to offer. Someone that understands JavaScript in all shapes and formats. And that the latest trends needs to be embraced. If you think you can contribute to the world with your gifted innovation and visionary expression, and you can dedicate your talent to a project millions will see and experience, this is the right job for you.

Back End Engineer

A software engineer is the key individual behind all software applications. Moreover, they are well versed in at least one programming language and proficient in the art of structuring and developing software. We are looking for skilled software engineers that can embrace the latest technologies and bring them to life through exciting projects. If you are structured and engineer minded you are welcome to join our team.

IT Labs Educational Lab – Knowledge & Experience For Life

Is pleased to announce our Real Client Simulating Project for student and graduates searching for their first real job experience. This is not a classic internship, this is a life expertise.

  • Real Team: Business Analysts, QA Engineers, Front End Developers and Back End Developers all together
  • Real Client Simulation
  • Real Project Requirements and Execution
  • Full Time Engagement
  • Latest Technologies Only

If you would like this exciting project to be the start of your IT career, please leave your details below!

What happens after the project is finished? Well we have a plan:

  • Project work evaluation and instructions for each team member.
  • Further engagements on other projects as part of new teams.
  • Carrier development plan of action.
  • Additional educational lab courses and professional enhancements plan.
  • Most successful ones will be hired as full time employees

For more information about The Real Client Simulation project, please stay tuned for our next IT Labs Beer Lab Event. We’ll be sharing all the details, you will be able to get answers to all your questions and we’ll share a beer and some snacks, get to know each other and have some fun. More details about the next Beer Lab event are presented here.

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