The team that builds the dream

Hand-picked / In-house trained / Culture approved
  • Vladimir Ilievski
    Vladimir Ilievski President - Macedonia Office
  • Branislav Gjorcevski
    Branislav Gjorcevski President - USA Office
  • Ilija Misov
    Ilija Misov Principal and Technical Director
  • Blagoj Janev
    Blagoj Janev Software Architect and Team Lead
  • Slavjanka Janeva
    Slavjanka Janeva Vice President Operations
  • Maxwell P. Wheeler
    Maxwell P. Wheeler Chief eXploration Officer, Silicon Valley | MENA & ASIA
  • Biljana Drvoshanova
    Biljana Drvoshanova Project Manager
  • Angela Trenchevska
    Angela Trenchevska Project Manager
  • Nade Bojchevska
    Nade Bojchevska Project Manager
  • Goce Stojchev
    Goce Stojchev Software Architect and Team Lead
  • Blagoja Panovski
    Blagoja Panovski Software Architect and Team Lead
  • Jovica Krstevski
    Jovica Krstevski Software Architect and Team Lead
  • Bojan Stojkov
    Bojan Stojkov Software Engineer
  • Kostadin Kadiev
    Kostadin Kadiev Software Engineer
  • Blagojche Jankulovski
    Blagojche Jankulovski Team Lead and Software Engineer
  • Aleksandar Pavlovski
    Aleksandar Pavlovski Team Lead and Front-End Engineer
  • Slagjana Ilievska
    Slagjana Ilievska Human Resource Manager
  • Frosina Zafirovska
    Frosina Zafirovska Human Resource Manager
  • Vasilka Krstevska
    Vasilka Krstevska Team Lead and Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Erin Traeger
    Erin Traeger Business Analyst
  • Tina Churlinovska
    Tina Churlinovska Business Analyst
  • Ivana Vlahovikj
    Ivana Vlahovikj Business Analyst
  • Atanas Naumovski
    Atanas Naumovski Business Analyst
  • Stefanija Dzajkovska
    Stefanija Dzajkovska Business Analyst
  • Nenad Zdravkovski
    Nenad Zdravkovski UX/UI Designer | Front-End Engineer
  • Ana Arsovska
    Ana Arsovska UX/UI Designer
  • Zharko Bondikjev
    Zharko Bondikjev UX/UI Designer
  • Veronika Trpkovska
    Veronika Trpkovska Front-End Engineer
  • Nadica Manakovska
    Nadica Manakovska Front-End Engineer
  • Nadica Davcheva
    Nadica Davcheva Front-End Engineer
  • Marko Danailov
    Marko Danailov Front-End Engineer
  • Daniel Pavlov
    Daniel Pavlov Front-End Engineer
  • Goran Pavlovski
    Goran Pavlovski Front-End Engineer
  • Nikola Kuzmanovski
    Nikola Kuzmanovski Front-End Engineer
  • Biljana Dimovska
    Biljana Dimovska SEO Expert
  • Zlatko Miloshevski
    Zlatko Miloshevski Database administrator
  • Slavica Gjoshev
    Slavica Gjoshev Database administrator
  • Zlatko Atanasovski
    Zlatko Atanasovski Support Engineer
  • Monika Chavdarova
    Monika Chavdarova Software Engineer
  • Silvija Arsova
    Silvija Arsova Software Engineer
  • Filip Lazarevski
    Filip Lazarevski Software Engineer
  • Miki Jovanovski
    Miki Jovanovski Software Engineer
  • Anastasija Jovanoska
    Anastasija Jovanoska Software Engineer
  • Aleksandra Vinokikj
    Aleksandra Vinokikj Software Engineer
  • Milica Gligorova
    Milica Gligorova Software Engineer
  • Kole Vasilevski
    Kole Vasilevski Software Engineer
  • Igor Talevski
    Igor Talevski Software Engineer
  • ​Maja Chirkova
    ​Maja Chirkova Software Engineer
  • Aleksandra Gjinovska
    Aleksandra Gjinovska Software Engineer
  • Anita Andonovska
    Anita Andonovska Software Engineer
  • Voislav Mishevski
    Voislav Mishevski Software Engineer
  • Goran Arsov
    Goran Arsov Software Engineer
  • Boban Madjovski
    Boban Madjovski Software Engineer
  • Darko Nikolov
    Darko Nikolov Software Engineer
  • Dejana Lazarova
    Dejana Lazarova Software Engineer
  • Tanja Madzovska
    Tanja Madzovska Software Engineer
  • Jovica Mitkovski
    Jovica Mitkovski Software Engineer
  • Marija Bajdevska
    Marija Bajdevska Software Engineer
  • Filip Davkovski
    Filip Davkovski Software Engineer
  • Risto Panchevski
    Risto Panchevski Software Engineer
  • Elena Ristovska
    Elena Ristovska Software Engineer
  • Verica Umlenska
    Verica Umlenska Software Engineer
  • Ilija Ilievski
    Ilija Ilievski Office Manager
  • Spase Shkjutovski
    Spase Shkjutovski Office Manager
  • Jordancho Dimidzievski
    Jordancho Dimidzievski Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Dijana Brlikj
    Dijana Brlikj Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Aleksandra Angelovska
    Aleksandra Angelovska Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Olgica Koceva
    Olgica Koceva Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Zorica Jankuloska
    Zorica Jankuloska Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Magdalena Janevska
    Magdalena Janevska Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Ana Stojmenovikj
    Ana Stojmenovikj Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Srna Kunovska
    Srna Kunovska Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Veneta Milosheva
    Veneta Milosheva Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Ivica​ Jovanovski
    Ivica​ Jovanovski Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Milan Gjorchevski
    Milan Gjorchevski System and Network Administrator
  • Angel Varnaliev
    Angel Varnaliev System and Network Administrator
  • Risto Ristov
    Risto Ristov Content Creator
  • Ljubica Gjorgjievska
    Ljubica Gjorgjievska Content Creator
  • Renata Karamicheva
    Renata Karamicheva Content Creator
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