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Online Marketing Services

IT Labs offers comprehensive online marketing services for businesses with a widespread–even global–audience. With the majority of audiences in the online and mobile environment, it’s important for businesses to have a strong foothold in the digital landscape that has purpose and meaningful direction. IT Labs’ online marketing services are uniquely designed for each business to help them leverage top of mind and top of page visibility.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services: IT Labs’ successes in SEO start with a foundational four step process and includes both onsite and offsite SEO services.
  • Online Advertising Services: IT Labs can take your SEO and further its success through paid search, social media advertising, and banner advertising.
  • Social Media Management: Don’t just post–garner engagement with IT Labs Social Media Management Services. We can develop a comprehensive strategy and execute it on multiple channels in the voice of your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

IT Labs offers well-developed and researched search engine optimization services. Our onsite SEO services are built on a foundation that includes four project phases: analysis, strategy, implementation, and maintenance.

SEO Analysis

During the first analysis phase of our search engine optimization services, IT Labs performs an SEO audit of the current trends and detailed keyword analysis. We then provide you with an initial ranking report, a competitive analysis, and a backlinks analysis.

  • Our SEO audit helps us understand your website’s current position and ranking from an SEO point-of-view, which then influences our decisions for your unique SEO strategy and offsite SEO plan.
  • We conduct a keyword analysis to aide us in determining the right set of keywords that will drive your desired audiences to your website.
  • We will run an initial ranking report to present us with your website’s current ranking positions for the specific keywords we will use in our SEO campaign.
  • Conducting a competitive analysis will provide us with detailed information about your website’s direct organic competitors for these keywords, their organic ranking positions, their traffic sources, the keywords that drive most of their traffic–all of which will help us create a better SEO strategy.
  • A backlinks analysis is an analysis of the authority of your website’s backlinks sources and their impact on the overall SEO performance of your website. The quality of your backlinks matter, so we will work with you to ensure your backlinks profile is of the highest quality.

SEO Strategy

The SEO Strategy of our search engine optimization services is two-fold: an onsite SEO strategy and a link-building strategy.

  •  Onsite SEO Strategy: IT Labs onsite SEO strategy encompasses best practices in your website’s anchor text to ensure the safety of your website in terms of Penguin, Panda, and any other algorithm updates that come into play.
  • Link-building Strategy: IT Labs takes great care when building links for your SEO strategy. Our link-building strategy is relevant and seeks optimum Page Rank quality links that is natural to the search engine algorithms. Much of this part of the strategy is covered through our offsite SEO strategy, covered below.

SEO Implementation

IT Labs’ SEO implementation phase includes onsite SEO setup. The implementation phase of our SEO services involves execution of the onsite SEO recommendations that resulted from our SEO analysis and SEO strategy generation. High quality content may be created, backlinks will be generated, keywords will be utilized.

SEO Maintenance

IT Labs’ search engine optimization services are ongoing. Once the SEO strategy has been implemented, there is a need for recurring maintenance–ensuring links are working properly, pages are performing at the utmost levels, and content is doing what it needs to for movement up the search engine rankings. It may be necessary to revisit the strategy, run additional rankings reports, and so on. IT Labs will be in constant communication with you, so you know what changes are happening and what’s working.

Offsite SEO

Optimizing your website is not the only critical component in a proper SEO strategy. Offsite link building is also important, and how it’s run is crucial to it’s successful performance. IT Labs spends time researching all options and possibilities for relevant link generation that will drive traffic and impact your website’s organic rankings. We will make important decisions about which relevant keywords will be used as anchor text, which link building source types to utilize, and creation of vital landing pages.

In addition, our themed and industry-related link building sources may include:

  • Business directories
  • Themed blog comments
  • Q&A website postings
  • Forum comments, where we will provide advice and share relevant experiences
  • Local citations
  • Wikis
  • Relevant community engagement

Online Advertising Services

IT Labs offers additional online advertising services via paid search to grow your online presence. IT Labs’ online advertising services align with your strategy, ensuring a consistent voice and creatives across multiple platforms.

Google AdWords Management

IT Labs has extensive experience in Google AdWords management and implementation. This service includes: campaign keyword research, campaign creation, campaign optimization.

Social Media Advertising

IT Labs is confident in optimum returns in our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram ad campaigns we run as part of our online advertising services including: budget planning, social media campaign setup, campaign optimization and reporting.

Banner Advertising

IT Labs has extensive experience with researching and selecting the best places online to invest in banner advertising for maximum benefits related to your business goals.

Social Media Management

With IT Labs’ social media management services, you’ll receive an end-to-end service that includes both strategy, design, implementation, and monitoring. We help you develop a strategy that grows your social media presence with customers both new and old. Social Media Management services include: social media analysis and strategy, social media profile creation, design services, social media posting, spam monitoring, comment replies, social media profile development.

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