Our New Year’s Party

With the holiday season approaching, we got inspired to spread some cheer and joy, and lend a hand to people in need. Since our company mostly consists of young developers, we came up with the idea to organize a big party for all our staff, partners and friends. But as a company with well-developed social responsibility, we decided to donate part of our New Year’s Party budget to a young boy in need of surgery – Victor Angelovski.

Viktor was involved in an accident several years ago, and as a result, he has been unable to walk properly. His childhood and quality of life have been deeply impacted.   When we learned that his family didn’t have adequate finances to provide him with the necessary surgery to correct his disability, we decided to help.

We realized that we could make an even bigger impact by finding another partner to match our donation so we contacted philanthropy organization, Lions Phoenix . They joined forces with us by contributing to our party, as well as Viktor’s overall donation.

The party was held on the 22nd of December at EveryDay launch bar and everyone in attendance had a great time. Even though the Lions and IT Labs staff had a great celebration, the most important achievement is that Viktor’s surgery budget was increased and he is now one step closer to having a normal childhood, playing with his friends, going to school like all other children.

IT Labs is proud to have been part of such an event and the joy we experienced inspires us to participate in other charitable activities and help people in need as much as possible.

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