Our labs are rapidly growing. These are exciting times, and we’re looking for fresh perspectives to advance our work and energize the company. We have developed fantastic relationships with our clients, and the buzz is generating new partnerships on a daily basis. We need the right people to join the team and build the dream. Just out of college? Not as experienced? No worries…all you need is a talent for technology and an insatiable drive to learn and create. Our mentoring framework allows idea sharing and personal growth on all levels for all parties involved.

What do we look for?

We are looking for self-driven, dynamic, and discipline team players who pay impeccable attention to details and are not afraid to show integrity and style.

Why work with us?

Are you looking for exciting projects and the freshest products? Do you want to see the latest technology in action; are you seeking a challenge in a collaborative environment which will provide an opportunity to learn and earn? We belong together.

Other skills needed?

We’re always looking for people with a positive personality; people that love to smile, go-getters who love sports, movies, parties, and fun. Ones who love technology and enjoy life. If you identify with these qualities, so do we!


Back-End Software Engineer

We are looking for highly motivated software engineers who can embrace the latest technologies and bring them to life through exciting projects. Passion for designing and writing clean, structured, readable code.
Preferred skill set:
OOP, Software design patterns, .NET, PHP, NodeJS, WebServers (IIS, Apache, NGINX), Relational DB (MS SQL, MySQL, Postgre etc.), NoSQL databases (Mongo, Couchbase, SimpleDB, Redis, etc.), and similar.

Front-End Software Engineer

We are looking for front-end engineers that embody a unique, creative approach to life and business, as well as have something personal to offer. Someone that understands JavaScript in all shapes and formats. And that the latest trends needs to be embraced. If you think you can contribute to the world with your gifted innovation and visionary expression, and you can dedicate your talent to a project millions will see and experience, this is the right job for you.
Preferred skill set:
OOP, Software design patterns, JavaScript, Angular, Cordova, Ionic, JSON, XML, NPM and similar.

QA Specialist

You have a keen ‘eye’ for detail and an intuitive feel for usability, or you are that hard core QA Engineer type. Either way, there are QA Specialists who care about the overall quality of the product, and we are looking for those experts. Knowledge in automated testing is a plus. Come to our lab to ‘test’ us!

Interactive / UX Designer

The seamless marriage of graphic design, business analysis, user psychology, creative vision, all wrapped up with a fun and hip spirit. These traits are integral to an excellent UX Designer. You map the interactive design and user’s experience. We need you today to join the rest of the experts on our team. Apply now!

Project Manager

Process, team building, team performance, time management, budget management, and client management – qualities which every PM needs to possess; efficiency with a smile. If you are a motivated individual who loves leading teams and communicating with clients on a daily basis, apply now! Technical knowledge and knowledge in Agile/Scrum is preferred, but not a must.

Business Analyst

Your understanding of business and technology processes, passion for automation, and understanding user behavior and workflows are essential to our team. Clean and detail oriented approach is a must. Great communication skills for client interaction is a huge plus.

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